For horse lovers of all ages, from adults who have always wanted to learn to ride to children who are “horse crazy,” we offer lessons to launch a new hobby or build on foundational skills. Private and group English riding lessons are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders. Instructional sessions include introductory and riding skills tailored to your skill level, horsemanship, horse anatomy, grooming, and use and care of equipment. For riders looking to feel more comfortable and understand the basics we offer beginner western lessons as well.

Half-Hour Private - $35

        Designed for beginner kids, our half                  hour lesson is great for young children            (Ages 4-6)

Full Private - $50

        Our one hour private English lesson is              great for any level rider from beginner            to advanced. We also offer this lesson in            western for beginner riders.

Group Lesson - $40/per person

        Group lessons are great for intermediate          riders and up. Group lessons are one                hour must be approved by our                            instructor and require an evaluation if              you are not already in our lesson                        program.

Lesson/Trail - $75/per person

        Our lesson trail is great for first time                  riders, kids, or anxious riders. It includes          a half-hour private lesson followed by              our 45 min Creek Pond trail ride. This              gives you the opportunity to get                        comfortable on your horse and truly                understand how you can work together            as a team! Lesson/Trails can be                          combined with regular trail rides. For              instance if you and your daughter                      wanted to do a trail ride but you want              her to do a lesson first you would arrive            45 min early, she would get a 30 min                lesson and then go out with you and our          guide on the trail



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